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Joe Foglia

Joe Foglia has been a leading force in production sound for over 30 years. He began his career with JC Sound and Lighting setting up and tearing down live music recording systems for the concert stage. Front of the house mixing and designing and building custom recording systems were Joe’s main responsibilities.

Next, Joe went to work for MCI Studios in Fort Lauderdale where he worked with the MCI JH series 96 input recording consoles and their 24 2” multi-track recorder. He managed the factory checkout and integration process and performed final checks before shipping to world- class studios. World Electronics was Joe’s next professional stop serving as the supervisor for installation and maintenance of recording studios for KC and the Sunshine Band, Studio Center, and TK Records.

Expanded his knowledge base, Joe began to design and build top-of-the-line mobile multi-track recording facilities. He worked with Artisan recorders, Dual MCI 24 track analog recorders, and 48 input MCI JH 16 analog consoles. Also, he engineered a 40 foot recording truck build-out complete with wiring and engineered live concerts and concert broadcasts for such renowned artists as Crosby, Stills and Nash, Linda Ronstadt, Charlie Daniels, The Outlaws, and Jay Ferguson.

Continuing to broaden his skill set, Joe partnered with Criteria Studios in Miami and Freelance Audio and was a broadcast mixer for A1, A2 and live sporting events including: P.G.A. tournaments, NASCAR and basketball games. His diversity is reflected in his work on CBS New Year’s Eve live broadcasts, stage plays for Showtime and specials with Burt Reynolds.

As the production sound mixer on “Miami Vice,” Joe received his first Emmy Nomination. He later won his first Emmy for an episode of the comedy series “Scrubs.” In addition to his work on “Scrubs,” Joe has been the sound mixer on “Cougar Town,” “Castle,” “Nashville,” just to name a few, and the feature films “Marley and Me” with Jennifer Anniston and Owen Wilson, “The Change Up” with Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds, and HBO’s “Confirmation” staring Kerry Washington. Joe recently concluded a feature for the UK called “American Animals.”

In December of 2012, Joe added a Mobile Studio to the astounding list of equipment Southeast Audio offers for rent. The Mobile Studio is an acoustically engineered dual-booth unit custom built by The trailer can be outfitted to your specifications from the exterior design to the interior furnishings and equipment. In addition to the self-contained mobile recording studio, it can be used for: Recording, Live broadcasts, podcasts, professional music production, Over Dubs and much, much more.

Joe continues to learn and diversify his professional knowledge and skill set. In fact, he is an “Expert in Sound.” He has been summoned by lawyers to testify in court cases requiring an expert witness to substantiate audio findings. Joe is a professional in production sound.

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