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Southeast Audio Services was established in 1983 by owner Joe Foglia, C.A.S.  The company has supported the Film and Television and Commercial industries for over 30 years providing sound, video assist, communications and remote ADR/Looping regionally, nationally and internationally.  Reliability, professionalism, and client needs are key elements of the company doctrine.  The company’s technical personnel are always trained on the new and latest technology and equipment including audio for high definition 24 P.  Their depth of experience covers a wide scope, from standard applications to the complex and innovative.  Each individual has gone on to carve out successful careers in the industry.

Southeast Audio provides “state of the art” equipment on every production including backup provisions. In 2012 Southeast Audio introduced a Mobile Studio to its list of equipment to rent. Custom built by out of Oregon, the dual booth trailer can be outfitted to your specifications from the exterior design to the interior furnishings and equipment. Whenever or wherever you need quality production sound, the Mobile Studio will arrive and cater to your needs.

With experience, affirmation from peers, and a continued pursuit of the latest technology comes recognition and opportunity. Southeast Audio now offers sound expertise. His multifaceted skill set has led Joe Foglia to serve as an expert witness in a court of law. Have a legal problem with sound at issue? Southeast Audio can help your case.

Southeast Audio has earned its reputation for being one of the most coveted production sound companies in the industry. With its preeminent owner, Joe Foglia C.A.S., and cutting edge equipment, Southeast Audio Services is ready to support your sound needs at competitive rates.

All the best equipment... all the right knowledge



Joe Foglia

Joe Foglia has been a leading force in production sound for over 30 years.  He began his career with JC Sound and Lighting setting up and tearing down live music recording systems for the concert stage.  Front of the house mixing and designing and building custom recording systems were Joe’s main responsibilities.

Next, Joe went to work for MCI Studios in Fort Lauderdale where he worked with the MCI JH series 96 input recording consoles and their 24 2” multi-track recorder.  He managed the factory checkout and integration process and performed final checks before shipping to world- class studios.  World Electronics was Joe’s next professional stop serving as the supervisor for installation and maintenance of recording studios for KC and the Sunshine Band, Studio Center, and TK Records.

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Joe Foglia
Sound Department | Producer | Actor
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Awards: Won 1 Primetime Emmy Award. Another 1 win, 7 nominations & 1 additional award.
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